Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Managing Director
Roger Fritz
Roger Fritz Vice President
Trevor Garfield
Trevor Garfield Associate
Min Jung Han
Min Jung Han Office Manager
Matthew Hartman
Matthew Hartman Managing Director & Head of Infrastructure
Simon Hayden
Simon Hayden Managing Director
Malin Henriksson
Malin Henriksson Assistant Vice President
Erika Herman
Erika Herman Assistant Vice President & Associate Counsel
Andy Jamison
Andy Jamison Managing Director - Credit Solutions
Vicky Ji
Vicky Ji Associate
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson Managing Director & Global Head of Direct Lending
Terence Jupp
Terence Jupp Managing Director
Kristin Kelly
Kristin Kelly Vice President
Sarah Koulanjian
Sarah Koulanjian Assistant Vice President
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Vice President
Barton Lee
Barton Lee Managing Director
Derek Lemke-von Ammon
Derek Lemke-von Ammon Senior Advisor
Paula Lemos
Paula Lemos Executive Assistant
Tatiana Levin
Tatiana Levin UK Operations Manager
Melanie Levy
Melanie Levy Managing Director & Global Head of Tax
Beth Litton
Beth Litton Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Yangyang Liu
Yangyang Liu Senior Advisor
Chris Llabres
Chris Llabres Associate
Eric Long
Eric Long Managing Director & Portfolio Manager of FS Energy and Power Fund
Kevin Lowder
Kevin Lowder Managing Director
Festina Manly-Spain
Festina Manly-Spain Associate
João Mariz
João Mariz Vice President
Kush Mathur
Kush Mathur Vice President
Jason Mauk
Jason Mauk Senior Vice President & Valuation Director
Nathan Mauzy
Nathan Mauzy Senior Vice President
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